The Two Ps of India’s Win Over Australia In Adelaide – Duke Jeyaraj


India ‘way laid’ Australia in Adelaide! While it was true that Smith-Warner’s absence in the Australian XI had weakened them considerably, but it was nevertheless a wonderful win for Kohli’s Men.

India beat Australia in the Adelaide Test 2018 mainly because of two “Ps”: patience and partnership.

Pujara showed exemplary patience that is required in Test Match batting. His ‘priceless’ innings of 123 had 182 dot balls. Bharat Sundaresan wrote, “Or is intent what Cheteshwar Pujara brings to the crease every time he walks out to bat? The desperation to grit it out, however innocuous he might look while at it. The desperation to face the heat, literally and figuratively like he did in the 40 degrees of merciless heat in Adelaide, and not give in to any form of temptation for 246 deliveries. The desperation to stay out on the pitch. The conviction to keep making tough choices even as your colleagues keep taking the easy way out at the other end.” Andrew McGlashan contrasted Pujara’s patience with Rohit Sharma with some telling statistics: “Rohit dominated the fifth-wicket stand of 45 with an innings that included three sixes, one a magnificent lofted drive off Cummins, while Pujara went scoreless for a period of 29 deliveries on 11.” Sanjay Manjrekar explained the unique patience of Pujara when it came to batting when he wrote, “While others in his team attack out of instinct or insecurity, Pujara attacks only when he is running out of partners. What a blessing that is for India!” He stitched match-turning partnerships with the tail in the first innings and the partnership he had with Rahane in the second was indeed match-winning. The Indian bowlers – Ishant, Shammi, Bumrah and Ashwin – superbly complemented each other. Ishant bouncing out Aussie batsmen Head in the final day with a well-directed bouncer was a sight for sore eyes! Were we watching a West Indian quick in his heyday? Rishabh Pant was trying to put ‘ants in the pants’ of the Aussie resistance with his irritating behind the stumps commentary. And when the Aussie tail wagged stubbornly in the fourth innings (Australia batted 23.4 overs more than India did in this Test – Sidharth Monga) even the impatient Kohli was quite patient. A wicket off a no-ball, a dropped catch just delayed the inevitable.  As the Bible says in the book of Proverbs, ‘through patience a ruler can be persuaded’ (Prov. 25:15) and yes, through patience a Test Match can be won in a foreign soil!


Our Lord’s is immensely patient (I Tim. 1:16) and expects us to live a “life worthy of the Lord” which includes a display of “great endurance and patience” (Col. 1:10-11). The writer to the Hebrews put it this way: “We do not want you to become lazy, but to imitate those who through faith and patience inherit what has been promised” (Heb. 6:12).  As believers we must be patient – patient for the Lord’s return (James 5:7). The waiting time before Christ’s return should become the time for winning souls because the Jesus said, “The Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all nations and then the end will come” (Matt. 24:14). A believer must seek partnerships with other believers to keep his spiritual fervour up. “Christians are like coals. Together they are red hot, apart they die out!” That is why we must be regular to our local church and other fellowships God has placed us in (Heb. 10:24-25). That is why we must build accountability relationships that will be help us beat stubborn temptations (Eccl. 4:10-11).


ONE MORE REASON TO SAY NO TO PORN: PORN’S MOST ENTHUSIASTIC NON-BELIEVER CONSUMERS FROM INDIA AND AMERICA, ARE NOW WAKING UP TO ITS DANGERS – Duke Jeyaraj presents material from a November 2018 Open magazine article and April 2016 Time Magazine article on anti-porn crusaders (all non-believers, to the best of his knowledge).


Apostle Paul quotes from a secular poet in his Gospel presentation to the people of Athens. He said, As some of ‘your own poets have said, ‘We are his offspring’”(Acts 17:28) to underline a point of connection between the Gospel and the literature that people in that place were familiar with. Of course, Paul went on to present the teaching about the Final Judgment which did not go well with the listening crowd (Acts 17:31-32). This is what I learn from Apostle Paul’s example here: quote from secular sources in your communication of Bible Truth; compare and contrast, biblical truth around those sources; but do not compromise any part of the biblical message in your presentation.


In connection with this, I was thinking what I read in Indian newsmagazine, Open. In its 26 November 2018 issues, pages 49-51, it carries an article by Lhendup G. Bhutia that talks about “porn-busters” – people in India who are fighting  the plague of pornography. These folks are not believers of the Lord Jesus!


Kamlesh Vaswani is one of them. Kamlesh Vaswani who? A lawyer from Indore, Central India. This lawyer talked about what would typically happen when he walked into a cyber café in Indore: “Very young boys – sometimes just school boys would continue to watch porn, shamelessly, even when adults like me walked in!” This article reports that “Vaswani filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) asking for a ban on internet pornography.” Vaswani continues, “I started getting calls from across the country saying that they want to support me (in my fight against porn). Some of them were suffering because their family members were addicted to it. And they wanted to become party to the case, to show just how serious this issue was!” Vaswani talked about “two women, one from Kolkota in her twenties and another from Mumbai in her fifties, both of whom who said that their husbands are addicted to pornography and how its ruining their marriages.”


He is not alone in his fight against porn. Lhendup Bhutia writes in the same article about Vijay Nath Mishra, a professor of neurology ‘at Banaras Hindu University’s Institute of Medical Sciences and medical superintendent at Sir Sundarlal Hospital.” He has “been watching Varanasi youths take to porn with dismay”. Professor Mishra said, “People say Varanasi is the spiritual capital of India. You should come and see what the boys here are watching  these days. I have been feeling (bad that youth of my city are watching porn) for a long time. I wanted to do something about it!” What did he do? Bhutia explains: “In 2017, Mishra roped in an acquaintance, Ankit Srivastava, a web application developer who recently relocated from Bengaluru to hometown in Varanasi. After working together for about six months, they created an application that blocks porn sites. As internet filters go, this is like any other. But what is unusal about it is what happens when one attempts  to reach a forbidden website. The chant Har Har Mahadev, an ode to Shiva, begins to play aloud if the user registers himself as a Hindu, or the Azaan (Islamic call to prayer) if the user is registered  himself as a Muslim; and if the user is registered as ‘other’, the user is directed to a collection of inspirational quotes from Mahatma Gandhi’s speeches.” Hear Mishra’s logic: “The whole idea is when people hear a bhajan or a call from God, it will make them more resolute (to say ‘no’ to porn-watching)!”


Bhutia’s Open magazine article presents the story of Indian anti-porn crusader Atul Gupta as well. Here is the story: “Atul Gupta, a Noida-based tech professional who also teaches a course on hardware technology at IIT-Delhi, runs a website called India Against Pornography with the tagline ‘porn kills love’…Whenever racy content is shared on any WhatsApp or online group he is part of, he warns them to keep  it clean or he will exit the group. For the last few years, many neighbours and friends have been using his help to set up internet filters for their own computers. Gupta points to a 2014 German study that had claimed that watching porn can impact the size of the brain. The study, published in JAMA Psychiatry, on 64 healthy men with an average age of 29, had found that the more porn men reported watching, the less volume and activity they had in the regions of the brain – specially the striatum – linked to reward and motivation.” Gupta explained why he crusaded against porn using a familiar, memorable imagery: “Our minds are like gardens. You can fill it with crap, or you can grow the most beautiful flowers.”


Bhutia’s Open magazine article presenting India’ anti-porn crusaders (none of whom were believers in Jesus, as I pointed out) finishes with the story of an anonymous 28-year-old infotech professional who lives in Hyderabad. Here is his story in his own words: “When I began living alone working for a corporate company in Hyderabad, I became completely dependent on porn. I took up an porn de-addiction plan called no-fab. Till last year, I hardly used to go about. I had major self-esteem issues. I used to feel very demotivated. It was all because of porn. But now, though once in a while I relapse, I feel so much better!” [The Bible calls us for continual holiness through the enabling power of the Holy Spirit. If Paul were to write Romans 8:13 in the post-porn age, he would write, “I can put to death the desire to keep watching porn by the enabling power of the Spirit!”].


So much from a story about anti-porn non-believer crusaders from an Indian secular news magazine! Shall I now take you to a story about the same category of people which I read in an American secular news magazine?


Let us talk about the content from Belinda Luscombe’s article for Time magazine, April 11, 2016 issue titled, Porn and The Threat To Virility: The First Generation of Men Who Grew Up With Unlimited Online Porn Sound The Alarm (pages 40-47). This article has a lot of material that strongly discourages porn viewing from a secular point of view and I want to reproduce those parts with few of my comments. Right at the outset, I want to say that I do not fully agree with the content of the above-mentioned article and you will see why in my brief comments inter-woven along with the main text which is largely Belinda Luscombe’s (in italics).


Listen to the Story of Noah Church, narrated by Belinda Luscombe, writing for Time magazine:

“Noah Church (name of a person) is a 26-year-old part-time wild land firefighter in Portland, Oregon, U.S.A. When he was 9, he found naked pictures on the Internet. He learned how to download explicit videos. When he was 15, streaming videos arrived, and he watched them. Often. Several times a day, he was at doing that which people often do while watching that genre by themselves.”


“After a while, he says, those videos did not arouse him as much, as he moved to different configurations, sometimes involving just women, sometimes one woman and several guys, sometimes even an unwilling woman. “I could find anything I imagined and a lot of stuff I couldn’t imagine,” he says. After the appeal of those waned, he moved on to the next level, more intense, often more violent.”  [Notice here, what the Bible teaches about sexual sin is proved true. Yahweh says through Prophet Hosea in the Eugene Peterson-authored, Message version of the Bible, “You walk away from your God at the drop of a hat and like a whore sell yourself promiscuously at every sex-and-religion party on the street. All that party food won’t fill you up. You’ll end up hungrier than ever” (Hos. 9:1-2). The Bible teaches that sinful sexual activity and increasing doses of it (check out Hosea 4:18-19 – ‘it’s sex, sex, and more sex. Bold and sordid debauchery— how they love it’ MSG Version), leaves one dissatisfied and even more hungry. That’s what Noah Church experienced here and it was confirmed by neuroscientist and neuropsychiatrists Valerie Voon and Simone Kuhn say that “people have to watch more porn to get the same thrill” (Time, April 11, page 45)].


Back to the Belinda Luscombe’s, Time magazine article:


“In his (Noah Church’s) senior year of high school, he had an opportunity to have actual sex, with a real partner. He was attracted to her and she to him, as demonstrated by the fact that she was naked in her bedroom in front of him. But his body didn’t seem to be interested. ‘There was no connection between what I wanted in my mind and how my body reacted,’ he says. He simply couldn’t get the necessary hydraulics going.”


“He put it down to first-timers’ nerves, but six years went by, and no matter which woman he was with, his body was no more cooperative. It responded only to sight of porn. Noah came to believe that his adolescent Internet indulgence had somehow caused him problems and that he had what some are calling porn-induced erective dysfunction (PIED).”[Sex with a person, not your spouse is a sin, the Bible teaches].


“A growing number of young men are convinced that their sexual responses have been sabotaged because their brains were virtually marinated in porn when they were adolescents. Their generation has consumed explicit content in quantities and varieties never before possible, on devices designed to deliver content swiftly and privately, all at an age when their brains were more plastic – more prone to permanent change – than in later life. These young men feel like unwitting guinea pigs in a largely monitored decade-long experiment in sexual conditioning. The results of this experiment, they claim, are a downer.”


“So they’re beginning to push back, creating online community groups, smartphone apps and educational videos to help men quit porn. They have started blogs and podcasts and take all the public-speaking gigs they can get. Porn has always faced criticism among the faithful (meaning Christian Believers) and the feminist. But now, for the first time, some of the most strident alarms are coming from the same demographic as its most enthusiastic customers.”


Belinda goes on to narrate two more stories of young men who were porn-addicts quitting porn because it affected their real- sex-life. Their names are 1. Gabe Deem, 28, founder of Reboot Nation, ‘a forum and online video channel that offers advice and support for young people who believe they are addicted to pornography, have sexual dysfunctions as a result and wish to quit’ and 2. Alexander Rhodes, ‘who left a good job with Google to develop counselling and community-support sites, including, for those who are struggling with a porn habit’ and a person who said, “I fantasized about porn while having sex. I had to depersonalize partners to achieve sexual satisfaction”).


Belinda Luscombe continues: “The young porn abstainers do have an unlikely guru: Gary Wilson, 59, a former part-time adjunct biology professor at Southern Oregon University and various vocational schools and the author of “Your Brain On Porn: Internet Pornography and the Emerging Science of Addiction”. His website,, or more commonly YBOP, is a clearinghouse for information that support the link between heavy adolescent pornography use and sexual dysfunction. Many people find him through 2012 TEDx talk, which has more than 6 million views (add another 2 million after Time published this article about him). [Note here that as a Christian Youth Evangelist, I disagree with the implication here that watching porn now and then, or watching a little porn, is fine. Watching porn is direct disobedience to God’s Word in Leviticus 18, where God says, ‘a wife’s nakedness is for the eyes of the husband alone’ (in the KJV) and I Samuel 11:27, where it is written, David’s act of watching a disrobed Bathsheba displeased the Lord. Watching porn also brings demonic influence into our lives. Read Luke 8:27.]


Going back to the Belinda Luscombe article: “YBOP contends watching too much porn ‘trains your brain to need everything associated with porn to get aroused,’ Wilson says. That includes not only the content but also the delivery method. Because porn videos are limitless, free and fast, user can click to a whole new scene or genre as soon as their arousal ebbs and thereby, says Wilson, ‘condition their arousal patterns to ongoing ever changing novelty’…. A heavy porn schedule and the resulting sustained levels of dopamine (a chemical released by nerve cells to send signals to other nerve cells as a result of which one feels sexually satisfied, according to the context of this article) reinforces these patterns. “Extreme novelty, certain fetishes, shock and surprise and anxiety – all those elevate dopamine,” he says. “So they need those to be sexually aroused.” Philip Zimbardo, emeritus professor of psychology at Stanford University, says, porn has the same effect on behaviour as a drug addiction does: some people doing much else in favour of pursuing it. “And then the problem is, as you do this more and more, the reward centers of your brain lose the capacity for arousal,” he says.


Belinda Luscombe records the response of Gabe Deem to researchers who are “dismissive of any link between porn and erectile dysfunction”: He crosses off every other reason for his sexual dysfunction. Inexperience? “I’ve been a sexually confident and experienced guy since the age of 14,” he says. Obesity? He is a certified personal trainer with, he says, under 10% body fat. Drug use? He claims to have smoked about five joints in his life.  And his Erectile Dysfunction (ED) couldn’t have been due to performance anxiety, because he says he couldn’t get aroused even when masturbating offline on a relaxed Sunday afternoon. “I ran back to my computer to double-check. I turned on porn (in my computer) and bam (the ED was gone!)” (Time, April 11, 2016, page 44).


Not just Time magazine, the Wall Street Journal also spoke against porn in recent times. A woman who has posed provocatively for a popular American adult magazine for 14 times has also surprisingly spoken against pornography in an opinion piece she wrote along with a Jewish Rabbi Rabbi Shmuley Boteach published by the Wall Street Journal on August 31, 2016. We are talking about Pamela Anderson here. The essay calls pornography “a public hazard of unprecedented seriousness.” It closes by saying “porn is for losers” and calls it “a boring wasteful and dead-end outlet for people too lazy to reap the ample rewards of healthy sexuality” [according to a U.S. News, September 2, 2016, report].


While these secular porn-fighters suggest that there is nothing wrong in pre-marital sex, as Bible-believers we strongly disagree with them. “Porn-viewing causes harm, including causing the harm of non-enjoyment of actual sex with spouse. Erectile Dysfunction is a definite possibility. So, porn-viewing should be avoided.” We agree with this viewpoint of folks like Gabe Deem, Noah Church and Alexander Rhodes in this article. Their comments about porn can become starting points in evangelistic conversations. You can quote from this Time magazine article in your Gospel presentation with the Google Generation, the same way Apostle Paul quoted from secular writers those in Athens were familiar with. And as Paul signed off with an uncompromising call to repentance as a step to get ready for the Day of Judgment, we too can sign off with a clarion call for repentance and a total break from porn, which only a living, loving, daily, deep relationship with Jesus can sustain!


(This is an updated chapter from Duke Jeyaraj’s book, Straight Talk [dealing with forty hot issues faced by Google Genners from the Bible, including other  articles on porn-temptation], now available via (print), (Kindle), Word of Christ Book Stores (Across India), OM Book Store (Main Branch in Hyderabad and via Whatsapp to +91-8886040605 (post payment of Rs.200 for India addresses via Google Pay to +91-8885075888 or Paytm/Whatsapp to +91-8886040605 or net banking transfer to one of the banks on



Radha Yadav. Do not know, who? She’s Indian Women’s team’s, Ravi Jadeja. Just 18 years of age. In India’s group-toppers deciding game versus the mighty Aussies on 17 Nov 2018 in the ICC Women’s World Cup in the West Indies 2018, she bowled four tight overs to strangle the Aussie bats-women. Australia went 34 balls without a boundary in their chase of 168 in 20 overs. Not just that. She took a caught and bowled – one of the best ever running-caught and bowled I have ever seen on live TV. DM Kimmince, the Australian batswoman’s rocket that landed nearly in the mid-on area was caught by the bowler herself. She had to sprint like Usian Bolt to catch that. She had to dive at the end to reach for the ball. But she did so, so wowingly! And threw the ball in celebration and let out a roar akin to the roar that Yuvraj Singh let out when he caught Michael Hussey’s rocket in the India-Australia World T20 Semifinals 2007! There was so much passion involved! You got goose bumps while watching it! If you did not watch Radha take that catch do so. You will be enthralled. Do we show quarter that passion when it comes to the things of God? The Psalmist showed that passion. Read Psalm 63 when he writes even his body longed for God! Apostle Paul showed extreme passion for Jesus. In his ministry path was wet with tears (Phil. 3:18; Acts 20:31). He was extremely passionate that Christ’s enemies would get saved. He had “unceasing anguish” in his heart that some people still were not saved (Rom. 9:1-3). He was over-passionate for the church believers he served. He was in the “anguish of childbirth” until Christ was formed in the hearts of believers (Gal. 4:19). Let’s show some passion for God! – Go to to know more about Duke’s ministry, the G4 Mission.



B. Pradeep’s report for The Hindu about a murder that took place in my city made sad reading:

“Peramalla Pranay Kumar, 23, belonging to a Scheduled Caste was killed here for honour, his caste Hindu wife Amrutha Varshini, still in hospital, said the murder was hatched by her father Tirunagaru Maruthi Rao and uncle Sravan.

“Both of them are accused one and two, and the attacker seen in the CCTV footage is a hired killer, the police said.

“On many occasions, my father said I should forget him (Pranay), or else he’d kill him. My uncle also manhandled me,” she said.

“Amrutha and Pranay eloped in January and married at Arya Samaj Mandir in Hyderabad on January 30, 2018, and returned here in February after seeking police protection. They were leaving a hospital after her pre-natal check-up on Friday afternoon, when an unidentified man attacked Pranay from behind.

“I will not call this honour killing. It is a murder motivated by caste pride,” Mr. Srinivas asserted. Members of Revolutionary Writers’ Association said the incident was due to police failure, that “only gave free advice to the couple but did not ensure protection.”

“The last rites of Pranay will be performed on Sunday as per Christian customs, after his brother, pursuing medicine in Ukraine, arrives. (‘My father, uncle hatched my husband’s murder’, The Hindu, September 15, 2018).

How do I respond to this as a Christian Youth Evangelist? I feel so sad. I feel so bad. This is really terrible – what has happened.

I am not sure if Pranay who hailed from a Christian family was a believer. If he was, if he honoured Jesus as his Lord and the Bible as the final court of appeal for all matters of belief and behaviour, he must not have married someone who was not a believer. He could have married a believer from another caste (like I have done – I will come to that in a bit). But the Bible is clear in I Corinthians 7 – the longest New Testament passage on Sex, Love, Marriage in the Bible – that even if a believer married a non-believer, God wants them to live together for life. Again this is no excuse for believers, still not married to marry non-believers.

But let’s get to the crux of this horrific matter – caste pride resulting in murder. What I am going to say here will ruffle a few feathers but I am not bothered.

The Bible teaches us that we are ALL fearfully and wonderfully made (Psa. 139:14). Each one of us are indeed a handiwork of God. God was at His brilliant best when he fashioned the skins of different people, red and yellow and black and white; He did not have an off-color day when he fashioned the nose of the Mongoloid race or the skin of our Negroid brothers. Yes, each race is precious in His sight!

Jesus healed 10 persons with leprosy at one time, you may recall (Luke 17:11-19). One of them happened to be a Samaritan; a mixed race the Jewish people of Jesus’ time hated with all their heart. (The Jews referred to them with derisive names like “dogs”. These folk were seen as perfect fuel for hell.). All these 10 guys were healed by Jesus. However, the only person who came back to Jesus to fall on his face in an act of worship was a Samaritan. Jesus applauded him. Jesus went “wow” when he saw what this man did. By doing that, Jesus took a strong stance against racism.

You cannot have a skin that is more unattractive and repulsive than a skin that is ravaged by leprosy, speaking in a purely worldly terms. But Jesus chose to draw close to such folks even though they tried to keep the distance between them and Jesus (Luke 17:12). They shouted to Jesus from far away. But Jesus drew near them and spoke to them. He did not shout back making sure that the distance was maintained.

This particular Samaritan, who had leprosy, was doubly disadvantaged; he belonged to a hated race and he had disease-damaged skin. (You may recall that Jesus was nice to a triply disadvantaged person; the Samaritan Woman [John 4] who was almost a prostitute). When Jesus saw a quality in him that deserved appreciation, He did not hold back his praise. Jesus was objective and unprejudiced here.

Is Jesus speaking to you through this story? You, who is adamant in never even considering a believing person from a so-called lower caste when it comes to life partner choice. You, who ensure that your close associates in business or even otherwise are always from a caste you are cool with. You, who always ensure that you always eat with people from your geographical region in the corporate company you work for, in the dinner break. You, who tell your kids not to associate with kids from a different caste than yours. You – double-standards-following, You – who will go against the caste-crazy elders in your family, when it comes to many matters but NOT in matters such as which person to marry! You who keep saying ‘no’ to one proposal after another purely on the basis of caste considerations!

In Christ’s family “there is no longer Jew nor Greek…for you are all Christians – you are one in Christ Jesus” (Gal 3:28)!

Don’t quote from Genesis 24 (story of Abraham sending his servant to find a ‘same’-caste wife for Isaac) to support your caste-first criterion when it comes to marriage. The issue here was faith – not caste. The message there is this: “travel as long as you need to find out a believer wife for Isaac”. If you are quoting Genesis 24 to justify the keeping of caste in mind for life partner choice, why don’t you quote it to say boys must give gifts (dowry) to girls before a marriage (which this chapter also records)? Why are you getting selective, brother? The Lord was very upset with folks who looked down upon Moses’ other-caste, but more-believer-than-him wife, remember!

Let’s repent from all forms of the sin of racism we may be into. Let’s do that before it is too late. I am not trying to be politically correct by writing an article like this. I am not passing out fancy Bible lessons that I don’t practice myself here.

Against all odds, I, by God’s grace and His enabling power, married a girl who did not belong to a caste I belong to – a caste with whom my caste people had a strong repulsion to, historically speaking (This is not to state that all folks must necessarily marry outside their caste). Let me tell you that story in brief: From June 1998 I was at Southern Asia Bible College, Bangalore, studying for my M. Div. I started getting proposals for marriage from well-meaning family and ministry friends through my parents. It was at this time I rushed to the jungles opposite to the Bible College and started praying about my life partner very seriously. At the end of those seasons of supplication God wrote in my heart that Evan was His chosen girl for me! Before knowing that, I made sure she fulfilled some of the criterion I had for the girl I would marry: a believer, involved in the ministry, part of the Google generation – the generation I was trying to reach, but outside my caste, a caste so notorious in Tamil Nadu for marrying only within itself!

Will you as a Reddy get rid your derision and scorn for the so called ‘low’ caste Mala or Madiga?

Will you as a Naidu say ‘no’ to looking down upon and mixing freely with the so called ‘low’ caste Mala or Madiga?

Will you as a Chowdhary show Christ-love and embrace and keep close to your heart even those from the so-called ‘low’ caste, including those from the Mala caste and Madiga caste?

Will you from the Coastal side of Andhra stop talking badly about those from Telangana?

(Duke Jeyaraj is the founder of Grabbing the Google Gen from Gehenna Mission. Find out more by liking



How should a husband treat his wife? What does the Bible say? This morning I was reading I Samuel 12. There in the awesome Spirit-inspired parable which Prophet Nathan narrated to drive some sense to the adulterous King David, he compares a wife to ‘little ewe lamb’ who was ‘like a daughter to him’ (2 Sam. 12:2 NIV). I call this parable as “the mutton biriyani preparation story” in my messages! The phrase Nathan used in 2 Samuel 12:2 set me thinking. Dad’s need no inspiration to love their daughters. At least, I don’t. “Datasha, come here!” I say. “Come and sit on my lap!” I continue. This is a daily, delightful drill, for me. I keep thinking of silly jokes that are original that I narrate to make laugh till her stomach ached. I think of the gifts I leave on her bed which she will open her eyes to, at times. Here in 2 Samuel 12 through this Nathan parable, God was telling me that is how I should treat my wife as well: give an overdose of non-sexual touches (the place for sexual touch between husband and wife is certainly there as well, but ONLY AFTER an overdose of non-sexual touches), make her laugh, etc. etc. That was the route to a happy wife and consequently a happy life!!!!

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rishabh-pant-getty-1536677113With just about 170odd in about 30 overs of the final session of the fifth test to get and both of them well-set, K.L. Rahul and Rishabh Pant had the opportunity to take India to the GREATEST EVER TEST WIN IN THE HISTORY OF TESTS by chasing 460 odd runs versus England in the Oval Test 2018. But they blew it (Rahul got an unplayable ball, but Pant sort of blew it). Do we blow away OPPORTUNITIES to tell others about Jesus – some thing that could decide the concerned persons ETERNAL destiny? Judas looked for an opportunity to betray Jesus (Matt. 26:19) – do we look for opportunities to bring Jesus to those who haven’t heard about him?